Become Our Ambassador

The HumRah Ambassadorship Program was initiated in March 2023. It aims to cultivate a diverse and dedicated cohort of community leaders and ambassadors who can expand our impact, encourage community involvement, donation for education in Pakistan and nurture a new generation of leaders committed to fostering a more equitable and sustainable world. Ambassadors can fundraise for Habib University, become a social media advocate and represent the Foundation at community events.


Program Philosophy

The philosophy behind the HumRah program stems from its Urdu name, which translates to "companion." Additionally, the acronym "HUM" represents Habib University Mohsineen(donors), reflecting the concept of grace and generosity exhibited by members of the community who support Habib University's mission. As ambassadors of the Habib University Foundation, the HumRah program participants join the transformative journey of Habib University, working towards reshaping the higher education landscape in Pakistan.

Furthermore, this program provides an avenue for community ambassadors in the USA to actively contribute to the accessibility of higher education in the Global South. By participating, these ambassadors can strengthen their connection to Pakistan and be part of an historic mission to revolutionize the higher education sector. Through networking opportunities, the community ambassadors will not only empower youth in Pakistan but also enhance their own global networks, creating a meaningful social impact and mutually beneficial outcomes.

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