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Habib University Organizes Inaugural Community Engagement Event in Sugar Land, TX

In June, the Habib University Foundation US (HUFUS) initiated a series of community engagement events, beginning with an event titled "A Legacy of Giving," aimed at recognizing the long-standing association of the Pakistani diaspora in the US with the Habib community. The support provided by the US community's donors was instrumental in the establishment of Habib University. Legacy spaces like the Dhanani School of Science and Engineering played a critical role in the institution's formative years, enhancing its image.

Mr. Shoukat Dhanani, who leads the philanthropic front of Habib University in the United States, is the face of the movement there. He and his family have had a special connection with the Habib community since shortly after its inception. Their generous grant, the Dhanani School of Science and Engineering, is a center for pedagogy and innovation in the STEM fields and includes concentrations in the Liberal Core curriculum.

Habib University Organizes Inaugural Community Engagement Event in Sugar Land, TX

Mr. Shoukat Dhanani, a leading figure in the philanthropic efforts of Habib University in the United States, has expressed his deep attachment to the institution and its cause, urging the community to support it. As part of its efforts to mobilize support for the university, Habib University has launched a series of small community engagement events, called "A Legacy of Giving." These events aim to empower community members to take ownership of the cause and contribute to it independently.

One such event was held in Sugarland, Texas on June 16th, 2022, where members of the Pakistani community responded with their support. The event was hosted by the Meghani Family, who have been long-time supporters of higher education in Pakistan. The CEO of Carporium, Ms. Afsheen Bhamani, served as the Master of Ceremonies and opened the event by thanking the hosts, keynote speakers, and the audience for their contribution to the cause.

Arman Meghani, CEO of Meghani Insurance Group, and also a Global Youth Ambassador for Habib University, delivered the welcome note at the event in Sugarland, Texas. He spoke about how Habib University helped him reconnect with his roots and the land of his ancestors. According to Arman, the institution has played a significant role in rekindling the distant connection that his generation had with their ancestral home. He also added that Habib University is already the most generous institution of higher learning in the world and he is proud to be a part of its legacy.

The keynote speaker for the evening was Mr. Ali Rizvi, Global Head of Business Development at Enverus, USA. He has been a vocal supporter of Habib University for a long time and his speech cemented his association with the cause. Mr. Rizvi praised the university for its visionary leadership under founding president Wasif Rizvi and for successfully introducing a liberal arts model of higher education that breaks away from traditional vocational approaches.

Expressing gratitude to the audience, Ms. Aqsa Junejo, Assistant Director of Marketing and Communications at Habib University, conveyed Mr. Wasif Rizvi's appreciation for their continued support of the university's cause.

Dr. Amber Zulfiqar, a Geriatric Medicine Specialist at HCA and a Global Ambassador of Habib University, addressed the attendees and shared her ongoing affiliation with the University. She also discussed what has motivated a substantial community of donors in the US to endorse the institution.

Mr. Javed Meghani, Chairman & CEO, Mega Energy Holdings, LLC, who is one of the custodians of the campaign in the United States, shared his thoughts on why it is important to support Habib University as an American of Pakistani origin, and what personally motivates him to do so. According to Mr. Meghani, the Pakistani diaspora in the United States have a unique advantage as they possess a deep understanding of institutional philanthropy and a strong cultural connection to their ancestral home (Pakistan). He believes that they should support higher education, especially Habib University in Pakistan, as it provides world-class quality education and has an achievable endowment target.

Nisha Meghani, Senior Vice President of Mega Energy Holdings, LLC, emphasized the importance of investing in higher education in Pakistan and how it can contribute to the country's development. She expressed her belief that quality education at Habib University can unlock the potential of talented youth in Pakistan. The event was concluded with a Vote of Thanks by Dr. Asim Shah, Executive Vice Chair of Menninger Department of Psychiatry, Baylor College of Medicine, and a Habib University Global Ambassador. Dr. Shah encouraged the audience to support Habib University through various options, including the Small Giving App for recurring donations, stating that it can be a legacy that contributes directly to the betterment of Pakistan's youth.

Motivated by their commitment to their country, the attendees eagerly answered the institution's call for support. This event marked the beginning of a series of community engagement activities aimed at involving more donors in the US and it was heartening to see the community taking ownership of the cause to further enhance the higher education system in Pakistan.

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