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Striving For Academic Excellence: Engaging Industry For Annual Curriculum Review At Habib University

Habib University, recently concluded its annual curriculum review with industry for the academic year 2022-23. The review sessions, held on May 30th and 31st, 2023, aimed to strengthen the university’s academic programs by incorporating industry insights and fostering collaboration between academia and the industry. Attended by 54 industry professionals, this event showcased the university’s commitment to maintaining a relevant and dynamic curriculum to achieve academic excellence.

The 1st day of the curriculum review focused on programs offered by the School of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences. 28 industry professionals joined the sessions, for the programs of comparative humanities, social development and policy, and communication and design.

Striving For Academic Excellence: Engaging Industry For Annual Curriculum Review At Habib University

The 2nd day of the curriculum review focused on programs offered by the Dhanani School of Science and Engineering. 26 industry professionals joined the sessions on the 2nd day, for programs of computer science, electrical and computer engineering and minors in Integrated Science and Mathematics. The review for both days commenced with a warm welcome from senior management, including Ms. Yasmeen Bano, the Vice President of Student Success. Dr. Aamir Hassan, the Vice President of Academic Affairs, expressed gratitude to the guests for their participation and provided an overview of Habib University’s values, vision, mission, and strategic goals.

Following the introductory session, the industry professionals were grouped according to their areas of specialization. Facilitated by program directors, the group discussions delved into multiple agendas and explored topics relevant to the industry. Program directors started their sessions by presenting their respective course grids and provided an overview of the four-year undergraduate journey after which the group discussion sessions were conducted. This collaborative exchange allowed both faculty and industry professionals to share insights, perspectives, and ideas, ultimately enhancing the alignment between academic programs and industry expectations.

The discussions on the first day revolved around program-specific agendas, including the objectivity of maintaining an education driven curriculum, potential additions to the curriculum, career opportunities for students and industry expectations. Each program had its own unique agenda, such as exploring the quantitative requirements of the industry from the students of Social Development and Policy.

The discussions on the second day revolved around industry-specific agendas, including the relevance of the course grid, potential additions to the curriculum, and industry expectations. Each program had its own unique agenda, such as exploring industry collaborations in cybersecurity, blockchain, and cloud computing for Computer Science.

The curriculum reviews garnered participation from esteemed professionals across various industries. In the field of social sciences, representatives from NGOs such as UNICEF, Interactive Research and Development, The Citizen Foundation, and Transparency International were present. Prominent journalists from Tribune, Dawn, Hum Network, and GEO also participated. Design heads from Rayn and Designist, as well as professionals from film-making, editing, animation, illustration, and publishing industries, including OUP, were in attendance.

For engineering and technology, professionals from companies like K-Electric, Dawlance, Indus Motor Co., Systems, affinity, Gaditek, and many more actively engaged in the review process. The field of biosciences and mathematics saw representation from pharmaceutical companies such as Getz, Aga Khan Hospital, Indus Hospital, and Agri Auto Industry.

The industry professionals lauded Habib University’s efforts to bridge the gap between academia and industry through such initiatives. They expressed their willingness to collaborate through projects, internships, paid research opportunities, and guest sessions. Additionally, several industry representatives showed interest in investing in innovation labs at the university, further promoting a culture of research and development.

Mr. Mudabir Jamil, Head of Information Security at Bank Alfalah said “I express my sincere appreciation for the excellent discussion and details I received during my time at university. I am particularly grateful for the expertise and guidance provided by the faculty members in the Department of Computer Science. Their dedication to delivering high-quality education and fostering an environment of academic excellence truly stood out. The comprehensive curriculum and practical hands-on experiences offered by the university have equipped students with a strong foundation in various aspects of computer sciences.”

The annual curriculum review at Habib University proved to be a remarkable success, fostering meaningful interactions between industry professionals and faculty members. The university’s commitment to maintaining a relevant and industry-aligned curriculum was highly appreciated by the participating industry experts. Through such initiatives, Habib University continues to pave the way for a transformative educational experience that prepares students for working in and with the industry.

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